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Slide 1. Prefabrication
2. Transport
3. Assembly

Slide Timer frame construction and prefabrication We produce and supply prefabricated walls and roofs for timber frame construction. This is done by real professionals in our workshop. The combination of tiber frame construction and prefabrication results in a sustainable and efficient process.

We are FSC certified. This means that we use wood from sustainably managed forests. As a result, our way of working fits within the cradle-to-cradle principle: trees are plated, absorb CO2, are felled and then replanted. In addition, wood naturally has good thermal insulation, a long life and a wooden wall loses less heat than a wall made of other materials.

The efficiency of prefabrication has become a very valuable addition to the timber frame construction. Thanks to the work done in our production hall, the construction time on the site became much shorter and that resulted in providing many more options of localisation and independency from external factors such as the weather.
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Slide Benefits Durable We contribute to the sustainabilty of our industry by using certified materials, producing in an energy saving manner and by taken part in sustainable projects. Fast Our dry way of working accelerates the production process. In the workshop everything is at hand, we do not depend on the weather and we start directly with the finishing work. This way we save time and reduce costs. Pleasant The construction site is more organized and quieter because most of our work is done inside. In addition, we place roof parts in a quick and simple way which is perceived as a pleasant way of working.

Detached house
Detached house
Veluwse Hoevegaerde
Haystack house
Roof placement

Slide We take over a part of the work from the contractor and move it to the workshop. For our customers, this not only means less work, but also a simpler and more transparent construction process. In addition, we accelerate the construction of a home or other building, enablng our partners to complete more projects in a structured, fast and sustainable way. Another way by which we save time and money in building is by using the Building Information Model (BIM). Thanks to BIM, all parties involved can work on a project quickly and efficiently and exchange data easily.
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